This is a fantastic word, I love it but why does a word that is almost never, ever used in my daily discourse resonate so much with me???

Hhhmmmm I have to ponder this one some.

Is is because visually, the word looks strange?

I do like that the word is spelled phonetically as it sounds. The simplicity of the word brings back memories of my first few years in elementary school when I had to re-learn English. It seems that learning to speak English from my mother wasn’t such a good idea since English wasn’t her first language. Live and learn, I did!

Is it because of the words’ definition?

According to the Oxford Dictionary online it means ” a place where a collection of curiosities and rarities is exhibited.” How cool would it be to have your very own wunderkammer – a place to hide/display your stash of the cool and unusual.

Light bulb moment! The Internet is a wunderkammer in it’s own right. Anyone can display their treasures in various types of formats, from videos, scanned pages of print books, audio files, blog posts etc.

Is it because the word just sounds wrong when you say it?

Not wrong in a nasty, kiddie porn kind of a way but in a “you just totally made this word up dude” sort of way. The word does not role off your tongue at all, more guttural sounding but it does have a certain old world vibe that I like.

I really think it’s a combination of those reasons that makes this wonderfully weird word work for me – Thank Dr. Reed for introducing us : D