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Sandy Lenahan

Sandy Lenahan
@TribeOneWon-I’m sure we’ll talk about this more in the coming weeks, but just gonna leave this here for right

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Readers welcome…

I found a kindered spirit on Twitter tonight and thought I’d plug her contest/twitter/facebook/blog following with a post on my blog. Plus, I get 10 additional entries into her totally cool book give away 😀

Per Lea’s twitter description she’s  “a blogging, book-loving librarian from NY, who also wants to learn web design, and loves coffee, lip gloss, and shopping waaay too much ;)”

She has combined two of her passions, blogging and reading, and created a fantastic give away. You can enter her contest to win the grand prize ~  ALL the books listed in the give away (there’s an excellent selection – loved Delerium). The second place prize is for a book of your choice from that same list.  Just don’t forget to fill out the form at the bottom of the contest page.  You should definitely check it out!

You can follow Lea on Twitter: @LC_speaks and her blog at