Music for the masses, the nerdy masses

I love music just about as much as I like shopping and reading. I’ll listen to almost anything but hardcore gansta rap or old school country/western music. I thought I had heard it all but boy was I wrong!

A while back my co-worker Niles introduced me to a type of music I had never, ever heard of -Nerdcore hip-hop. WTH was my first reaction, then I asked him to play the songs again..and I listened to the words.

“Me and my wookie’s playing hookie”, “Marvel versus D.C.”, “Let’s bust some nerd rhymes”, “Loking out and seeing all these people like me”. Who writes songs about Star Wars, Dr. Who, video games and comic books??? Or better yet, who listens to this stuff? Duh, nerds-note to self, think before you speak.

Nerds, geeks, and gamers have embraced the musical movement called NerdCore hip hop (or Nerd Rap). Songs showcasing the nerd way of life: video gaming, comic book collecting, Sci-Fi T.V. and movies (with some math, science & computer references thrown in for good measure) rapped over a hip hop beat. This stuff is amazing!