Race Wars at the Drunken Unicorn

The Race Wars Nerdcore Rap tour rolled into Atlanta on October 15th with a show at the Drunken Unicorn and I was lucky enough to score a ticket to the sold-out show – yeah me!!! 

**disclaimer** Let it be know that I haven’t been to a concert since seeing DMB in 2004 – I am a newbie listener of nerd rap – I haven’t played a video game since I had a nervous breakdown trying to spell out the answer to a Jeopardy question on the  Super Nintendo  game system – I have finally learned the difference between Marvel & DC superheros – I accept the fact that I am O-L-D!!! **disclaimer**

Who knew that the party starts in the parking lot:

Not us that’s for sure. If I had then I would have brought my camera! It seems that real fans knew that there was going to be a costume contest judged by mcchris and they came prepared. There was an 8 ft tall unicorn, two sets of Ghost Busters (complete with vehicles), a Capt.Morgan wench, a nearly naked Indian shaman, 3 awesome storm troopers hanging out with Boba Fett, Jesus Christ, Misty from Pokemon and Robot Chicken. We were totally under dressed.

Oh, hey and I got carded at the club!!!! I’m as old as this dude’s mom and he wants to see my drivers license -funny guy.

First impressions of the club: it’s dark and small. Don’t forget your cash cause the bar doesn’t take plastic. I totally LOVE the artwork on the walls. In the bar there’s some really cool abstract pieces and the sharpie marker comic book characters in the hall had a real retro feel (i.e. I could recognize them).

The show: TribeOne & Adam WarRock opened the night and got the crowd rocking. Performing songs like Never Watched Dr. Who, Silver Age, Nerd Corp, Everyone needs a Steve Irwin and Wasteland, their fans (one dressed as a freaky black spider) rapped along with them.  My favorite song was Nerd Corp…sorry Niles : 0) 

Next up on the stage was Mega Ran, who surprised me when he told the audience that he was a teacher and a rapper. His set sounded more like old school rap with scratching and heavy bass. MC Lars and mcchris went on after that but we left before they played cause we’re old and we had to work in the morning.

Random observations from my group:

  • Tom, who is old and black, noticed right away that there weren’t many black people in the crowd even with two black rappers in the show. The crowd was predominately made up of white males, under the age of 35.
  • Chris, who is part of the target demographic, said that the guys here probably wouldn’t know how to talk to a girl unless she held a game console in her hand..that may be a pretty broad generalization but I believe there’s a lot of  truth to it.
  • Independent tours in small venues are LOTS more personal. We met most of the rappers in between sets when they were also selling their own swag. Only mcchris had his own merchandise staff.
  • Getting your name on “the list” means you get in free. You can only get on the list when one of the performers AND the promoter approve. This we found out when the show sold out before Chris bought his ticket.
  • Nerdcore groupies are pretty funny to watch. 

I would go back to both the club and to see the bands. The music, while not something you could really dance too, was infectious. I can appreciate the time and effort that went into writing the raps; the creativity was awesome.