Remediation Project


For my final project in class I’ve decided to mash up the literary classic Jane Eyre and the newest social media phenom Pinterest.

While I didn’t create any type of CSS for the project is was a multi-stepped process. My goal was to create a Pinterest board from Jane’s perspective. Pinning material that felt authentic to the character and her life experiences. This was easier said than done!

To join Pinterest a person needs to be invited by another member or be added to the invite waiting list that the board has. To receive an invite a person needs to have an email address, so was created. Once we had the email I sent “Jane” an evite to join the group.

To log-in to Pinterest you need to either attach your email to your FaceBook page or Twitter feed for verification purposes.  Jane is now a member of the Twitter Nation – @MissJane1847.  Funny enough she has one follower already – spam finds everyone eventually : )

We logged into Twitter, gave Pinterest permission to access that account and we were ready to join. To find Jane Eyre on Pinterest one would need to search under MissJane1847 because there are 2 other members named Jane Eyre.

Jane currently has 11 boards, 146 pins and 1 like. A few people have repinned her pins too. I wonder what they thought when they saw who the pin had been linked too.

While I did not lift passages from the book I did select pins that I felt she would have if she were real and alive today. There is no chronological order to the pins or the boards so some of the material is when she and Mr. Rochester are separated and others are after they have been reunited. Her fashion choices and home decor reflect the time period she represented but most of the comments are written with present day in mind. I thought this would add to the mash-up effect.

I hope you enjoy Jane’s boards and if you or your wife need an invite to join the group just send me an email and I’ll shoot one your way.


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