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Living the Dream-    

 In my lifetime music has continually evolved from the standard genres of classical, country & western, jazz and popular (or pop) to embrace new sub-genres like rap, new age, alternative and techno. In 2000 a new music genre was coined by MC Frontalot and nerdcore hip hop was born. According to Wikipedia “Nerdcore hip hop, is a sub-genre of hip hop music characterized by themes and subject matter considered to be of general interest to nerds, though it can appeal to others as well.”

     Not being a nerd myself (though I am married to a geek) I was unaware of this type of music until late in the summer of 2011. That’s when my co-worker Niles told me about his plans of joining mc chris’s nerdcore tour. It seems that behind his Clark Kent glasses and gamer exterior Niles was a nerdcore rapper, performing under the name of TribeOne. He had written a number of songs and now was actually going to get paid for doing something he loved. This was totally cool.

     For a month Niles toured with mc chris, mc lars, mega ran and his friend, Adam Warrock. He started in New Orleans, headed up to Maine and then came back south again. When the RaceWars Tour came to Atlanta I went to see TribeOne and his tourmates rock the Drunken Unicorn.

I followed TribeOne on Twitter as he shared the ups and downs of touring, read his musing on a blog and laughed at all his outrageously weird pictures. TribeOne wrapped up his leg of the tour and came back to us at the library a tired but totally happy man. He still manages to do one or two shows a month, usually with Adam Warrock, all around the East Coast keeping his dream alive.

Rock On!


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